Worlds Exhibition, September 01-04, 2022, Gotse Delchev

Published: 05.09.2022

From September 1 - 4, 2022, the Worlds exhibition was held in the Metropolis of Nevrokop in the city of Gotse Delchev.

The exposition included the works of 14 local authors and authors from Romania and Greece, who presented works in the fields of painting, art photography, ceramics and applied arts.

The exhibition was attended by: Antoineta Peeva (Bulgaria), Georgi Zaikov (Bulgaria), Dimitar Beshin (Bulgaria), Dimitar Serbov (Bulgaria), Dimitar Hadjiangelov (Bulgaria), Dimitar Hariskov (Bulgaria), Dobrinka Hariskova (Bulgaria), Evgeni Mangalov (Bulgaria), Zlata Zlatkova (Bulgaria), Ivaylo Kostadinov (Bulgaria), Krastyu Shilev (Bulgaria), Nikolay Marinov (Bulgaria), Sasho Khariskov (Bulgaria), Halil Hasanov (Bulgaria), Anna Jelepi (Greece), Nikolaos Tomaidis (Greece), Roberto Usurulu (Romania), David Bodescu (Romania) and Paul Buta (Romania).

With their works, the authors presented local culture, nature and traditions of the territories of the partners in the project " Culture and Origins through Mutual Events in South Eastern Europe (COME&SEE)" - Local action group Gotse Delchev - Garmen - Hadjidimovo from Bulgaria, LAG Lunca Joasă a Siretului from Romania, LAG Lider Bistrița Năsăud from Romania and LAG Kavala Development Agency SA from Greece.

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01 - 04 September 2022

Metropolis of Nevrokop, Gotse Delchev

From 01 - 04 September 2022, in the hall of the Nevrokop Metropolis, Gotse Delchev, you can touch the creativity of authors from the territory of the Local Initiative Group - Gotse Delchev - Garmen - Hazhidimovo and the partners from Romania and Greece under the "Come and See" project ". The exhibition includes works in the fields of painting, art photography, ceramics. Come to the opening of the exhibition on September 1, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.

Published: 10.08.2022